Course on HOLD until A Test Manager’s Guide is out!

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A Test Manager’s Guide is your essential resource created by industry experts to take you beyond the software testing basics to key strategies and metrics.

After releasing the software testing course on YouTube and after further reviewing it internally, we noticed that the software testing material was at sometimes boring. Due to too much theory in the testing videos it was also hard to follow. Because we want our best for the Cania Consulting Test Management School, we stopped work on the software testing course and started working on a test managers guide as per the istqb book. This software testing eBook has to contain all the required theoretical software testing basic aspects that you need, but present them in an easy to read format.

I am happy to say that the first 2 chapters are done. You can access the first one for free as our sample of the book at our Test Manager School. Please enroll in the school so that you receive our future updates and benefit from any discounts that we might have for our software testing material.

In order of full transparency, please note that the book is based on the ISTQB syllabus for the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager certification. We did some enhancements with some bits and pieces from the Foundation syllabus from the same ISTQB Advanced. The aim for A Test managers guide is to have a book that can easily be used as a comprehensive course material and a guide for the Test Manager certification besides helping you complement your current testing expertise.

19/10/2019 Edit: The software testing eBook is out and if you are interested in A Test Manager’s Guide, then you can check it out at our Test Manager School. Extracts from the book are listed as articles on this software testing blog and if you check it out, you can find more software testing materials and articles.

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A Test Manager's Guide

The ultimate ebook for more than software testing basics

A Test Managers Guide

A Test Manager's Guide

How would you like to have all the software testing knowledge you need in one comprehensive book?