Test Manager’s Guide eBook is out!

Test Manager's Guide eBook

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A Test Manager’s Guide is your essential resource created by industry experts to take you beyond the software testing basics to key strategies and metrics.

For those of you in a Test Manager position or the Senior Test Analysts/Engineers who are looking for the next step in your software testing career or who just wanting to improve your software test management skills, Cania Consulting has now launched the Test Manager’s Guide eBookThis is based as a software testing guide in order to help you on your way to a software test management certification, but also in your software testing career.

We hope that this software testing book will help you either by achieving a test manager certification or by gaining the additional know how you need to tackle your current professional challenge in software testing.

Benefit of Test Manager’s Guide eBook

Although for most people it is enough to read and study from the standard ISTQB book, there are those who would prefer an enriched and differently structured, visual version representation of the software testing material. This is what you can find in our eBook. The aim was to add value through an easy to read and mobile friendly version which you can scroll around while going through our software testing courses, mainly our Test Management Course (to be releases in late 2020).

Test Manager eBook

What else do I get from this?

Besides a good and interesting read that should help you increase your test manager salary once your either have a software testing certification or once you start to show your newly acquired know how at work. Besides this, you will benefit from FREE reviews and updates on top of the Test Manager’s Guide via our class enrollment and a DISCOUNT to our Test Management Course when it is released in late 2020.

Test Manager eBook

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A Test Manager's Guide

The ultimate ebook for more than software testing basics

A Test Managers Guide

A Test Manager's Guide

How would you like to have all the software testing knowledge you need in one comprehensive book?