Other software testing documents

Other test documents

Software testing involves the creation of a number of other test documents and work products and most of these are produced by Test Analysts and Technical Test Analysts:

The Test Manager should ensure consistency and quality of these work products through the following activities:

  • Establishing and monitoring metrics for the quality of these work products (percentage of rejected defect reports, etc.)
  • Working with the Test Analysts and Technical Test Analysts to:
    • select and customize appropriate templates for the work products
    • establish standards for these work products (degree of detail necessary in tests, logs, and reports)
  • Reviewing testing work products using the appropriate techniques and by the appropriate participants and stakeholders

Software testing also involves the creation of test results reports, which are typically produced by the Test Manager and are described later in these software testing materials.

Test manager book

The extent, type, and specificity of test docs can be influenced by:

  • the chosen software development life cycle
  • applicable standards and regulations
  • the product quality
  • project risks associated with the particular system being developed

There are various sources of templates for testing work products such as IEEE 829 [IEEE829]:

  • designed for use in any industry
  • contain a high level of detail that may or may not be applicable to a particular organization

It is a best practice to tailor the IEEE 829 documents to create standard templates for use in a particular organization. The consistent application of the templates reduces training requirements and helps to unify processes across an organization.

Example – When and what to use:

test documentation

Example – Test Design

test design documentation

Example – Test Case

test case documentation

Example – Test Item

test item documentation

Example – Test Log

test log documentation

Example – Test Incident Report

test incident report documentation

Example – Test Summary report

test summary report documentation

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This article is based on the ISTQB Advanced Syllabus version 2012 and it also references the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus version 2018. It uses terminology definitions from the ISTQB Glossary version 3.2.

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