Online Test Manager courses on the way!

Online Test Manager courses
<p>We have just released this set of videos of the first captions from our Online Test Manager courses. These are our first drafts of the software testing course that will most likely suffer enhancements and changed prior to reaching our test management school.

The current chapter is called Back to the basics and includes lessons covering topics as test levels, test planning, analysis, design, implementation and execution, but also our online test manager courses look at metrics and monitoring and control.

The scope of this class will not only be to help you out as a professional, but to also help you prepare for the ISTQB Test Manager certification exam and receive another software testing certification. Due to this, please note that the material is prepared based on ISTQB:

  • Advanced Syllabus version 2012

  • Foundation Syllabus version 2018

  • Glossary version 3.2

Because of this we aim to provide as much value to you, our audience, as we can through an online class. The goals is to prepare you for the next steps in your career or to help you complement your existing software testing knowledge through our online test manager courses.

If you liked this demo of online courses and can’t wait for their launch, then check our our eBook at A Test Manager’s Guide or browse the other articles on this blog.

Test Manager courses: Back to the basics

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