How would you like to have all the software testing knowledge you need

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A Test Managers Guide

Why this book...

How would you like to have all the software testing knowledge you need in one comprehensive book? Whether you want to level up in the software test management field, or gain useful knowledge of the sector as a whole, A Test Manager’s Guide is the resource for you.

Created by industry experts, it will take you from the software testing basics right through to defect management, testing techniques and metrics. You will learn vital skills for accelerating your career in software test management, including test team dynamics, success factors, and executing test management strategies from start to finish.

Taking you deep into this everchanging industry of software testing, Cania Consulting, comprised of industry leaders who specialize in test audit, strategy, and management. They use the techniques and insights provided in this book on a daily basis with their clients and are sharing their insider tips as a key resource for readers looking for a career in test management.

If you’d like to step up your skills from software testing basics, and access some of the best insider knowledge in the industry, this software testing book is for you. A Test Manager’s Guide will make an essential addition to your collection as you continue to develop within this field.

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For those starting a career


As a young graduate I started looking for potential career opportunities and A Test Manager's Guide has shown me the beauty and complexity of the Test Manager profession from a theoretical standpoint.


After passing the ISTQB Foundation Certification, this software testing book was great source to better understand what to expect from the Test Managers working on my Software Projects.

and those who have more insight

still WANT to see more...

to gain gain useful knowledge of the sector as a whole


Test Levels

All the basics you need from unit testing to acceptance testing across both agile and waterfall projects.



Reports, metrics and all you need for entry and exit criteria checks in order to assure a proper test closure.


Test Improvement

All the different techniques you need to improve the software testing process, looking at TPI Next, TMMI and a lot more.


Test Management

All the know how you need to become a test manager like risk based testing and proper test effort estimation.


Test Tools & Automation

From tool selection until key success factors in order to assure that the tools used are not only ramped up, but also add value.



How to form your team, set it up and manage it in a distributed software testing industry with on and off shore capabilities.

You heard What they say, now see what we do!

requirements based testing

Requirements based testing

Our guide to software testing methodologies like requirements based testing used to increase the effectiveness and speed of their software tests.

Test Conditions

Test Conditions

Software test conditions are part of testing basics and represent an item or event of a component or system that could be verified.

business value of testing

Gaining business value from software testing

A central responsibility is to secure and utilize resources (people, software, hardware, infrastructure) to carry out testing to bring value to business.

A Test Managers Guide

Whether you want to be a better test manager, or gain useful knowledge of the software testing as a whole, A Test Manager's Guide is the software testing book for you.

And finally, a few words About the author

Lucian Cania

Experienced international IT delivery and software test manager with a vast experience in test management. He founder Cania Consulting by leveraging a vast background in Transformation Programs executed across Europe in the areas of ERP, BI, Retail, Billing and Integration.

Lucian Cania

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